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Sorry this still uses the legacy theme but there's so many html files I have to update

Find the template at the bottom of the page

Some links here may be broken. Just go straight to the template, if you will.

Everything you need to start helping me out with making this place good.

Some pages aren't written yet, but the basics are there. Extra info is in the template.

Contribuiton overview. It walks you through the main rules and guidelines.
Bit of a "legacy" page before I really figured out just how much information I actually had to provide.

Article requests. If you're wondering what to write about, check this list, and see if there's anything you know.

Quick HTML guide. If you're completely new to HTML, this quick guide will give you the minimum of information to contribute.

HTML template. Experiences with HTML or not, this goes through the content of the site template I give, and what to do when you're done making the article.

These next sections won't have much to begin with, but if you managed to get an article out using something else than the tools I use, tell me and I'll see to adding it.

Text editors. I wrote this site on Notepad++, but I keep a list of other editors here. Difficulty of use may vary.

Image editors. If you read the overview, you know I use Gimp for its compression capabilities, but if you hate gimp, see if there's anything else.

Program guide for specific programs relating to making an article. The same stuff I use, ordered in importiance. If you've got no other programs, use these.

Notepad++. It's pretty damn powerful, and I wrote the site on this.

Gimp. More specifically, how to compress your images and gifs to save on resources.

OBS. Free, open source screen recording software, for recording yourself doing specific actions.

Kdenlive. Free, open source non-linear video editing. Can render its frames as pictures, which we can import into gimp and make a GIF out of.

MMD. Wait, why am I gonna write a page for this? Just go to LearnMMD which is the main inspiration for this site!

UTAU. It... You're quite literally here! This site was made for this program! Anyways this brings you back to main page

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