about site

What this page is, why I created it, why I do the things I do with this.

and some ranting

If this is the first link you clicked on, welcome (I suppose), to LearnUTAU.
A site made in the spirit of Reggie Dentmore's LearnMMD, made for similar reasons.
People come in here and contribute by creating articles, and adding to a pool of UTAU knowledge, built to be easily archivable, convertable and accessible.

It all started some years ago, where I had the idea from seeing LearnMMD.
It was epic, a bunch of people coming together and pooling knowledge, and I still use it today, and I wrote (or still write) articles for it.

So I went on UtaForum and pitched the idea, and then some shitter was like "dughbrefuigjrefgn information validationwdk jmmgjnewr pee pee poo poo discord oeikwfnj ioejm"
Well, I mean, shit's easy to fix as long as there's a communication line.

So, some time passes after that event. And I decided to just do it. I learned basic HTML and CSS, and I bought a domain and a server host, and within short notice I managed to set it up.

Essentially, LearnMMD's articles allows for one of the most efficient ways to share information, as people can read at their own pace once the page loads, because reading an article that has been carefully crafted and written by someone who knows what's going on is way superior than watching some 10-minute video explaining how to do something that takes 30 seconds to explain, or asking around in some shitty chat app just to be directed to a pinned message that was hidden behind 25 others.
Even a public google doc written by schizophrenic with no line breaks is more pleasurable and accessible than fucking discord.

Getting all that technical information, (or even the basic stuff) about UTAU shouldn't require you to go on a soul-search or sail to the Bouvet Island just to find out how the hell you work with voicebank appends.
So, I made this site, in spirit of LearnMMD. I just do things differently because this way, I can stay on top of things, and provide unique style and soul to the site, instead of using some shitter like Wordpress or Wix or Squarespace. You don't need that for walls of text and some images.

This site is built to be lean and simple, reducing load times, processing power, and storage space. Even better if older browsers can work with around 90% of the page. That's why this is rather simplistic. It's efficient, because you don't need anything else for text and images.
Modern standards are sacrificed for the luxury of efficiency.

That being said, contribute

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