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We here? We living? Hopefully we are.

This site is for UTAU tutorials and other miscellaneous resources. Think LearnMMD but I did this basically by hand instead of using Wordpress.

Preparations tutorial. What you need to do before installing UTAU. Start here if you're new.

Article index. If you're not new and have UTAU already, take a look at the other articles, either to learn something or to see if something isn't there so you can contribute.

If you want to learn more about this site and its creation, click here.

Or, you could, I dunno, contribute? I have nowhere near the amount of knowledge to fill this site myself, you know.

Just gonna stick my personal page here.

Oooh! A changelog!

Some related sites and places I personally recommend:

UTAU Mountain on Telegram. My own personal Telegram group chat, run by my own whims.
nothing else currently

Until later, おやすみ